Look at the whiteboard.

Yeah...the whiteboard.

Not the girl.

My name is Kyle, I'm here to tell you...

That...well, things have changed.

PS: For a full explanation of the whiteboard, keep reading...
And if you don't keep up with the tech, you're toast.
Every guy has gotten the dreaded, WORST response a girl can give...


Yeah, that face on the right is the face of a girl who is NOT going to be meeting you.
What The HELL Has Happened?
In today's day and age, technology is a HUGE part of the dating game.

- If you don't know how to text a girl and get her to respond...

- Or if you don't know how to properly set up a date...

- Even worse, if you don't know how to confirm the date so she actually SHOWS UP...

Then man, you're in for a world of hurt. 

Dating is going to be frustrating, fruitless, and fucked up. 

Does this sound like you?

You go out and meet a few sexy girls at bars, and put their number in your phone. But when you text them the next day...silence.

Or, you have a MASSIVE list of girls on Tinder/Bumble/etc., all whom swiped YES on YOU - but when you messaged them, it fell flat...

Life would be a lot BETTER if your phone had interactions like THIS, wouldn't it?
Hi - again, I'm Kyle...
...and I've been blogging about girls, relationships, and game at my blog This Is Trouble for years now.

 Over the years, I've been featured in the news, coached dozens of men, and turned a lot of lives around.

If you don't know much about me, let me give you a quick rundown:

I was a virgin until I was nearly 22 years old. ​I spent years enduring being flaked on, and dealing with all sorts of BS from girls. Finally, I got the monkey off my back and set out to build a system that worked. 

I wanted to take the guesswork out of all of it.
After much trial + error, I succeeded.

I wanted were more FUN, engaging responses (and dates!) with girls, like this...
So I took all of my BEST materials, openers, profiles, examples, and more, and the result is....
Go Date Online
Your 1-Stop Shop to Improve Your Online & Text Game
"GDO has been a great, fun tool that's helped me a lot.

Kyle gives examples and breaks it down in an easy to understand way that's helped not only in getting Tinder dates, but has also helped my texting game.

His course even helps you screen for the playful, easy-going girls and weeds out the high maintenance ones.

It gives you the what, and more importantly the WHY behind what works when texting girls and how to move to a meet up quickly. I would recommend GDO to anyone who needs help in getting dates after getting matches, or even a guy who needs help in his texting game.

A great resource for guys with a lot or little experience."
- James from canada
What Does Enrollment Include?
Membership access - receive your login and start right now.
Real conversation examples 
that get RESPONSES.
Examples of profiles 
that INTRIGUE girls.
Get Started Now With GDO.
30-Day-Money-Back Guarantee.
"The GDO course is a well-thought  out, content rich program, which is consistent with Kyle’s other sites in adding knowledge and value. You should notice an immediate improvement in your text responses and enjoy success in the game. "

  • No more "theory" - every lesson  in GDO is based off a real life texting interaction.
  •  Help with your messages - certain levels of membership have 1-on-1 coaching with yours truly.
  •  You'll save time and $$$ - you'll become much more efficient with your skills, freeing up valuable time.
  •  Your confidence will skyrocket - each successful interaction, date, and lay will have you feeling great about yourself.
  •  You'll "GET IT" - too many men go through life confused as hell about women--but now you won't be one of them.
PS: If you skipped to the bottom...

This course has over 30 of my best texting interactions. Full screenshots and analysis are included.

There is information you can use TONIGHT to set up a date with a girl

It really is THAT simple.
What You Need to Know
Wasn't this formerly called Tinder & Texting University...or something?

Yes. It has been improved and re-branded to Go Date Online. Why? Well, because...

#1. The domain and branding was terrible. The domain was HowToStartAConversationOnTinder.com. 

I'm going to gouge my eyes out if I ever have to type that again. Then I called the course something different than the domain - Tinder & Texting University - which was a mouthful in itself, and even more confusing. It was a mess.

#2. I got MANY, MANY requests asking for the COACHING element to come back, which I had removed to focus on other things. 

But...the people have spoken. So...here we are!

Are you promising I am going to get laid, get lots of dates, or hell...maybe even just completely drown in pussy?

I wish I could, but I'm not. Anyone who *promises* anything on the internet is probably scamming you.

I do promise that if you study the interactions and make them your own, there is a good chance you will have success! Plus, with the Mastermind chats you'll get a ton of feedback from myself and other members.

How's this differ from other dating products? There are a LOT of them out there on the market now...and a lot of them are not very good.

The internet is full of weird guys trying to scam you for a quick dollar. 

This includes their $10,000 bootcamps and products to grow your penis by 6 inches in 3 days (I wish I could say this was a joke but I've seen it, ha).

The screenshots themselves show REAL examples, which sets Go Date Online far ahead of most products. I do not teach generic theory, only REAL examples are used.

You're saying that all of these interactions are REAL and that you're just not re-gurgitating the old PUA stuff from the books in the 2000s?


Can you explain the money-back guarantee? 

30 days, unconditional. Just email me at [email protected]

This all sounds rad - it's exactly what I needed! How do I start?

Just click the big button below. You'll be re-directed to a 100% SECURE checkout page. 

Select your membership option, and I'll see you inside the course and in the coaching chats.
With Kyle’s help and mentorship, I improved myself and my game to levels I never thought possible. 

I recently took a trip to Japan where I banged 4 new girls in 14 days. 

Kyle kept in contact throughout and gave me great advice to help seal the deal on several occasions.

- Michael from Los Angeles
I want to say that so far it’s really great to work with you. 

I already see things different than two weeks ago (not just “reading about it different”, but “feeling different”). 

I’m starting to see how a positive mental state, abundance and boundaries are the keys to solid [text] game.

- Coaching Student from Scandinavia

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